As you do your spring cleaning, do not forget to give your solar panel system a much-needed TLC as well. Ensuring they are clean and working in great condition helps maximize their efficiency in harvesting sunlight and converting energy.

Long months of winter often lead to grime and dirt build-up on your panels. Springtime gives you the perfect weather to give your panels a good cleaning.

5 Ways to Keep Your Solar Panels in Great Working Condition

Make sure they’re always clean.

Solar panels work best when unobstructed. Anything that could block the sun’s light that’s left unaddressed could potentially compromise its performance.

Since solar panels aren’t like other equipment that can be heard once turned on, keeping a close eye on its condition can be quite tricky. You need to make a visual check of the surface to ensure that the glass on the panels is clean.

Keep the surface free of dirt and other particles that could cover its surface and block off the sun’s rays. A good weekly wash can help do the trick.

Clean them properly. 

To ensure that the panels are doing their jobs properly, you have to keep them as clean as possible. Regular cleaning helps keep them at optimum performance.

Do not use any type of abrasive soap or cleaning sponge. Again, you want the panels as clean and smooth as possible, with no scratches.

Give it a good wash down using your hose. If there are traces of bird poop or caked mud or dirt, a soft rag and some biodegradable soap should get the job done.

Remove unwanted solar shade. 

Since solar panels draw power from the sun’s rays, anything that blocks off the rays affect the panel’s harvesting capabilities. Keep in mind that shade on solar panels works exponentially. Meaning, if one-fourth of it is covered, you’re not just losing a quarter of power but more than half of it.

Trim trees that cover panel surfaces and make sure they are free of any other forms of obstruction.

Have it serviced.

Like any other appliance or equipment, regular check-ups and servicing can help keep your solar panels in excellent condition.

You may contact a solar panel service in Idaho, Ohio, Florida, or wherever you are in the U.S. These professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise on proper solar panel system maintenance that you might find helpful.

Regular maintenance can help cut costs on your monthly electric bills as these experts can already detect faults and address them right then and there to prevent your panels from being damaged.

Keep a daily record of your system’s performance. 

Now that your solar panels are squeaky clean, are free from any obstruction, and have been serviced, make sure to monitor its performance religiously. Keeping a close eye on its efficiency helps you stay on top of things.

Too much work? Several types of monitoring systems are available in the market. You can talk to professionals and experts about this and ask for their recommendations.

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, goes the saying. Giving your solar panel system the proper care and maintenance will help keep them functioning well and make them last a long time.