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Have an interest in tech? Short on cash? Try one of these side gigs perfect for the techie in you.

  1. Buy an ATM

Most people believe that all ATMs are owned by banks or businesses, but that’s not the case. Any entrepreneur can buy an ATM and make a profit off the proceeds. These ATMs can be placed in retail locations or at outside events, usually for a fee paid to the owner of the property where you’re placing the fee.

Once you’ve installed your ATM, the income you can make is basically passive. There’s little maintenance involved, and you can hire out most of the work while still making a great income. It’s best to place an ATM somewhere nearby where there’s a constant need for cash.

  1. Design an App

A lot of people think of ingenious ideas for apps, but they never put those ideas into motion. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. It’s a great way to inspire your creativity and make a little side income at the same time.

If you’re good with tech, you could design an app yourself. If not, all you need is a good idea, a little cash, and hustle to make it happen. You can hire out the actual creation of the app and still make a handsome profit.

  1. Become a Web Designer

It’s not hard to learn web design if you have a little extra time and an interest in the field. You could get your certificate or simply teach yourself everything you need to know through video tutorials and online study.

Web design is a very competitive industry, so it’s not easy to enter this field. However, if you’ve noticed a great need for web design services around town, you could probably make a good side income catering to their needs.

  1. Write Blog Posts

Not everyone has a talent for writing, so they’re more than happy to hire it out to a qualified individual. You likely possess a certain specialty based on hobbies, interests, or your day job. Put that knowledge to work and pick up some writing jobs.

Check out sites like Craigslist, ProBlogger, FreelanceWritingGigs, Guru, and Fiverr to see if anyone needs a writer with your skill set.

  1. Join a Tech Support Team

Those who know the ins and outs of computers and electronic devices can easily pick up an online tech support job. Many companies, Apple included, hire remote workers for their tech teams to answer phone calls and repair problems from home.

This is a great side gig because it pays well and the hours are usually flexible. That way, you can enjoy a modest additional paycheck while keeping your dayjob.