iPhone users

The iPhone comes with tons of features and a different platform to start with, but this doesn’t mean that it is perfect.

iPhone models come with their set of problems and glitches, which can be too difficult to handle at times. However, you shouldn’t need to worry since we are here to help you!

To make the most of your smartphone and enjoy it’s usage, here is a list of top iPhone issues that the owner can fix. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Poor battery backup

One of the most annoying things for any phone owner would be seeing the low battery mark every hour or so. Well, your iPhone can place you in that situation as well.

Battery backup is reported as one of the major concerns with Apple products. However, uninstalling apps that have high-battery consumption could save your battery to some extent. Also, by controlling the amount of battery your apps use, you can keep your battery from draining too quickly.

2. Overheating

Overheating is quite common with iPhones. And the problem only seems to increase with every new model.

The best way to handle this situation is by giving your phone some cool off time. Store it away from the sunlight and avoid putting it on charging until it cools down.

If you face too much trouble with overheating, do visit a repair centre for efficient iPhone repair in Auckland.

3. Unexpected application crash

Have you ever faced an application crash, i.e., you opened an application on your iPhone, and it crashed right away?

If yes, then we do have a solution for you.

The easiest way is to close the application and restart your phone. Open the application, and if you don’t see much difference, then uninstall the app and reinstall it. If the problem persists then install the latest ios version and visit an expert in iPhone repair in Auckland.

4. Problem with touch screen

If your touch screen occasionally freezes while operating the iPhone, then we all have been in your shoes.

Restarting the phone should do the job for you, followed by clearing useless applications and making space on your iPhone.

A prominent reason for screen malfunctioning could be a shock to the touch screen due to a fall. Make sure that you get it checked ASAP.

5. Lost Bluetooth connectivity

Turn off your Bluetooth and restart your iPhone. If this doesn’t help, then go into Bluetooth setting and hit “forget this device”. Now reconnect to the device.

The battle between the ios and android operating systems is a never-ending one along with the debate on which one is better than the other. However, all iPhone users can surely vouch for the fact that ios interface is unique, making it a popular pick all over the world. With these tips in mind, make the most of your iPhone and enjoy it’s features to the fullest.