Thermostats have soon become one of the house essentials due to their facilities. These days, every house has a thermostat in it. Whether you know it or not, thermostats also go through research and development and one recent development in the thermostat is Wi-Fi. Since most of the accessories used in domestic postposes are getting smart, thermostats are no different. If you also want to upgrade your thermostat and make it Wi-Fi enabled, read on to know how you can do that. The benefit of shifting the thermostat online is that you can control it through any phone or tablet in the house.

  1. Turn the AC Power Off

The first thing to Upgrade the Thermostat is to switch the AC mains off. Traditional thermostats are connected to the HVAC system of the house and when you swap them with a new one, you should make sure the electrical supply to them is turned off to avoid an accident or short-circuit. Some old thermostats also run on DC power, so you might have to head towards the oven and switch the thermostat off manually. Once all the power to thermostats is cut off, you can proceed to remove the cables from the thermostat. Keep in mind that switching off the mains may turn off all the other devices of the house so be prepared for it.

  1. Make Sure You Have a 24V Supply

The old thermostats were compatible with the HVAC system, but smart thermostats are not suitable for high voltage supply. It is important to know that smart devices are always connected to a 24V AC supply. So you need to find the 24V AC supply and connect the new thermostat in it. If you find this a bit tricky, then you should take help from your electrician since he knows how to do the wiring of WiFi Thermostats. You may also have to add a couple of cables for the new installation and that’s why calling an electrician is a good idea.

  1. Wiring and Faceplate Adjustment

Once you remove the old faceplate of the thermostat, you will see the wiring. If you have decided to DIY, then take photos of the wiring. Take as many photos as you can. Now install the new thermostat and rewire it as per the photos. Note that the faceplate of the new thermostat may not be the same size as the earlier. So, fit the new faceplate with precautions and use tools that might be needed while doing it. Once you are done with the wiring job, you should turn the AC mains on and follow the instructions to set up the new thermostat.

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to control the thermostat from your smartphone.