Tech Savvy

It is no secret! More complex technologies that aim at making our lives easier are emerging every day. Since the inception of Siri to Alexa, it is clear that the world is evolving at a fast rate, and staying in the loop is inevitable.

2020 alone has seen its fair share of technological trends. 5G data networks, computer vision, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence are some of the trends that have either emerged or seen significant upgrades.

The importance of being tech-savvy cannot be down-played as it comes with a variety of benefits. It is no wonder that companies like Data Bear offer Power Apps training to the not-so-tech-savvy individuals, to equip them with basic knowledge on how to use software applications. That way, even those that are not hard-core developers can have a better and simpler approach when building business apps.

Technology is disrupting the world one day at a time 

Emerging technologies have disrupted our way of living, bringing in a fresher outlook on life. These ‘disruptions’ have significantly changed the way we carry on day to day activities, with other technologies making permanent changes in the way we do things.

Take the example of the transport sector. Four centuries ago, horses and donkeys were the main modes of transportation. Fast forward to today, the automotive industry has revolutionized the world with the use of cars, airplanes, and ships. Surprisingly, it does not stop at that. In 2021, there are hopes that the world will adopt autonomous driving, where you only need to order for a car, take the passenger’s seat, and trust the driverless car to take you to your destination.

With such expected levels of technology, staying in a ‘cocoon’ where you are not updated on the futuristic trends only prevents your life from being much easier and more comfortable.

Below are some of the reasons why you need to be tech-savvy.

  • Everyday gadgets rely on technology

Have you ever wondered where the world would be without smartphones? What was primarily invented to facilitate communication between people has now turned out to be a must-have accessory. With smartphones, you can do tasks like order services and navigate through unfamiliar terrains using the GPRS system. Currently, the latest smartphone versions can do most tasks laptops can do that include typing and storing files, which is enough proof of how fast technology is shifting.

Additionally, smart TV’s have brought the ultimate cinema experience in our living rooms. With the quality and variety of options they offer, watching from home is no different from cinemas.

  • It saves time

Many organizations are using artificial intelligence to rid themselves of the tiresome work that comes with redundant tasks. Also as an individual, being tech-savvy makes life easier. For instance, it eliminates the need to move from one stall to the other looking for outfits, as you can get a myriad of sellers online in an instance. That alone saves energy and time that you can use on other productive tasks.


From the above information, it is clear that technology is changing and so should you!