Video editing is a time taking process. It can be stressful and tiring for many individuals. Using a software that is not up to the mark would only make things more difficult for you. However, the fact that post-processing and editing plays a crucial role in how a video looks make it essential for videographers. Many of you might be new to the industry and may not be willing to spend thousands of dollars on the expensive video editing software. However, this should not hinder you from producing high-quality videos.

Gladly, there are many free video editors available to you in the modern day market. You can benefit from these programs and edit your videos, adding animation, text, and a lot more flavor to it. Making videos vivid and vibrant, stressing on various parts, and editing it the way you like was never so easy. Here, we will discuss some fantastic free video editors that you can use in your video making.

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Lightworks is a stunning software for video editing that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is one of the most powerful video editors that you will find across the internet. It has two versions free and pro where the latter costs you $25 a month (which is probably a reasonable price). But here we are discussing the free version which would be more than enough to address the needs of most of the individual.

Lightwork gives you a chance to proceed with high quality and perfect precision trimming. You can benefit from the multicam support and export videos straight to youtube. You will be able to work with videos of various formats, and helpful video tutorials make it easy for you to start working with the software.

Although free, there are many advanced features packed in the Lightworks. But if you are looking to support 4K videos, you will have to upgrade to the paid version. Overall, it is perhaps the best free video editor available to you.


One of the relatively new yet powerful video editors is the Movavi. It is being advertised as software for those who are looking to use ‘iMovie on windows.’ However, we all know that Apple is yet to release any version for windows, but you won’t have to wait anymore as you can go with Movavi.

Movavi is a simple to use software but has some powerful functions packed in it. You can perform color grading and use the artistic effects that are present in the software. With the stylish transitions, you can make your videos more catchy and attractive.

Beginners often look forward to the editors that are easy to use and can cover their needs. Well, Movavi can be the software that you are looking for as it is pretty simple to use yet a competent editor.


One of the most popular free video editing software is blender. It is free to use and available across various platforms. You will find a version for Mac and windows as well as for Linux. This is an open source program that costs you nothing.

Originally, blender was a 3D animation suite. However, video editing features are very catchy and are enough to fulfill the needs of the majority of individuals. Performing necessary actions such as cutting and splicing the videos are pretty straightforward. Although you can do complicated tasks such as video masking, it will take some time and mastery.

There are multiple slots for adding numerous videos and audios. You can use the effects of your choice on a specific part to make it more interesting. The keyframes, filters, adjustment layers, and live preview provide you a lot of control on your editing.

However, as stated, it was initially a 3D animation software and may not have some of the most advanced video editing features that you desire. But for the individuals who work on projects that involve 3D animation, blender can be a propitious software.

So, these are three free video editors that can address your video editing needs comprehensively. Have a detailed overview of the features and what each of the programs provides to its users before installing one.