Dangerous Topics

There aren’t many people who offer real journalism. All our news channels are ownership of rich and powerful. You can see that you won’t find anything that challenges these powerful. They are all about promoting politics and advertisement.

They only talk about an issue until they are paid to keep their mouth shut. They feed us information that the powerful want us to believe, which keeps us in the dark.

Real journalists who actually talk on dangerous topics are a light of hope in this dark, and we should promote them in every way possible. Here is how you can do your part.

Follow Them on Social Media

People that have a following can easily spread their message and news. Bad people also have to think twice before hurting them. Look for such journalists and follow them on all social media channels. Comment to show your support and share their stories on your profiles to promote them. In addition to empowering them, it will encourage them.

Visit Anonymous Blogs

There are many pieces of news that can’t be shared with your name as an author. That could be just too dangerous. That’s why they share news as an anonymous writer on platforms like The Doe. These sites also confirm the story with evidence before publishing it and promise full anonymity. Visit and promote such platforms as they also have to deal with pressure from powerful people, but they don’t leave their path of sharing reality.