Mobile Games

Handing over a mobile phone or an iPad to young children was once inconceivable. Increasingly however, it’s becoming a part of their education, an important tool that should not be ignored.

They’re spending way more time with gadgets than the generations before them and the age when they learn to use these devices is getting younger and younger.Additionally, you can find traxxas rustler remote controlled cars to spend perfect time. If you want to play with super designed cars, it is an option for you. Sometimes, it’s just easy to give them these technological wonders to keep them engaged and occupied as you work and complete your chores. Luckily, app developers are working on products for kids that help them learn through games. Here are some, you can download and give your children without worry.


The best thing about this game is the varied topics it covers. A favorite among teachers, the game makes use of fun movies to teach and quizzes to cement their learning. Ideal for ages between six and nine this is one app which is a must on every mama’s phone.

PBS Kids Games

PBS is a great channel for children and their products all prove to be great learning tools for kids. With this app, children get to explore games with their favorite PBS characters. You can open the app and hand it to the little tykes as young as two years old without having to worry if the content is age-appropriate.


With technology all around us, programming is practically a survival skill. So, if there’s a game around that can teach them, it should be top priority. Kodable helps learn basic coding through gamification of the concepts. Perfect for four to 10 year olds, this app will keep the kids occupied and out of your way.

Habitat the Game

Climate change is a bitter reality that will most impact the young generation who’ll have to live in this world long after we are gone. Getting a head start and learning about it along with water conservation and how animals live, is valuable education which they can gain by simply playing Habitat the Game.

Flow Free

This game works to improve your cognitive skills. It’s all quite simple. All you have to do is connect the matching colored dots all the while ensuring no lines overlap. It demands and alert mind and is sure to keep the kids engages. What’s more, they’ll learn to apple logic. The best part though is that when you need to rewind, you can play it too!


Trying to create words out of letters is a fun game and a great vocabulary lesson. And, while once the presence of an adult was necessary to get the game going, with this app there’s no longer any need. Just open the app and hand it to your child as you go about completing your daily chores.

Hovercraft: Build Fly Retry

Get the kids playing Minecraft early with Hovercraft: Build Fly Retry. It’ll help develop their thinking skills as they design and build cars and then race them to the finish line. As any adult will tell you, Minecraft is no easy play and as children play it, they’ll find it to be engaging tool that helps them grow.

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Mario Kart Tour

This is where it all started. Gamers get nostalgic about the revered game and with its adaptation to mobiles, kids too can enjoy that which their parents loved dearly. Great for kids aged 3 and above, it can be a great opportunity to bond.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Racing games are a huge hit no matter the time or age. Teaching you great hand-eye coordination this app is great for kids upwards of 3 years. Given the great graphics, it’ll entice any kid to give it a shot.

Mazes and More

We’ve all played with maxes in different forms. This engaging game gets you thinking out of the box in not time which is what makes it perfect for children. This app though features levels that gradually get difficult as you progress. As kids try to find their way through the labyrinths they develop a good sense of direction, a skill they’re sure to benefit from.

Final Words

There you go, these will surely be able to carve out hours’ worth of free time for you. All you need is a good internet connection like WOW internet to get these games running. Giving you high-speed connection at affordable prices, WOW! Offers great plans for families big and small. So, what are you waiting for, using these apps correctly will only help your kids learn better!