Advanced Craftsman

Becoming an advanced craftsman is a great accomplishment that should be rewarded with new woodworking projects to keep your creative juices flowing. These woodworking ideas will bring out the designer in you and give life and beauty to your crafts.

Working with wood can turn out to be mundane and wear you out, especially when working on similar products.Incorporating fresh ideas will revive your zeal and add value to your skill. Here are a few ideas for your woodworking venture:

A Redwood Gazebo

How about adding a gazebo to your compound for creating memorable outdoor moments for your family? Gazebos are a classy addition to any garden and offer many perks, including al fresco dining.

Why Choose Redwood

Redwood is ideal for this project for various reasons including;

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Resistance to rot and termites
  • Affordable
  • Easy to work with

This is a fun project for experienced artisans and will provide ample opportunities for adding a personal touch.Adding a power tool like a CNC machine can help you carve out intricate designs for your projects. Gazebos can be made in many shapes and the most critical factor is maintaining precision for whichever shape you pick. There are tons of gazebo plans on the internet to cater for all levels of experience.

A Cedar Porch Swing

A porch swing is excellent for relaxation and stress relief. It is a relieving escape from the hustle of daily life activities and will make your free days enjoyable. You can use your CNC machine software to design beautiful pieces for your swing.

Why use Cedar?

Cedar is excellent for this project because:

  • It is resistant to decay.
  • It is dense and sturdy.
  • It stains beautifully.

Apart from simplicity, a porch swing won’t cost you muchand will allow you to explore your creative side and reward you with a deserved sense of achievement. You can get unique porch swing plans online for free. However, detailed plans are often bought or given as a perk to subscribers.

A Wave Shelf

Wave shelves are a beautiful piece of art and will fit perfectly in any corner of your house. A wave shelf is a low-cost addition to your furniture collection and requires just a few materials. Since wave shelves are part of indoor furniture, lower quality woods like Aspen can be used.

A small miscalculation will easily ruin your design. Study the plan keenly and make precise marks and cuts for perfect alignment. The cut out pieces are easy to assemble, making wave shelves a quick project for the advanced craftsman. They can be produced in a short period and bring you quick revenue.

You can find a wide selection of detailed wave shelf designs and plans from the internet. CNC software will help you create unique designs, including floating wave shelves and help you achieve precision with assembling.

Sharpen your blades and roll up your sleeves as these ideas will give you something new to look forward to, boost your confidence and enrich your craft portfolio.