Are you thinking of buying yourself a DSLR or do you already own one? Have you been lately feeling that owning just the DSLR is not enough and that you need to have few more accessories to heighten the fun of capturing the best photos?

If answered yes, you’ll rather be lucky to know that there are a wealth of technological gadgets and accessories which can transform the way you click photos. Photography will get a new definition once you own the gadgets.

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While we can’t get away from the truth that there are some camera gears which are extremely costly, you can gradually keep building your system of accessories as you go and learn to prioritise those that are immediately necessary. With the large number of accessories and kits that are available, it is tough to decide where to start. So, here are few accessories and gadgets to take into account.

#1: Spherical crystal lens

Do you want to add a new dimension to the way you click photos? If yes, you can get a spherical crystal lens which features a K9 crystal glass ball. Once you use this, it will literally turn your world of photography upside down. Since this is an ultra-clear sphere, it will reflect the view that surrounds you but it will flip it 180 degree. Since it can capture the surrounding, you can capture the lens of your camera to the lensball and create an interesting composition. This lensball is waterproof and if you add water to it, it will enhance the impact.

#2: Wearable wrist camera

With this gadget, you can easily capture your best moments directly from your wrist. This camera features a full HD and wide-angle camera and you just have to wear it in the form of a bracelet to capture all your favorite moments without any hesitation. This camera lets you capture pictures in 30 frames per second with 13 megapixel camera. With a single tap, you can click high-quality pictures and with double tap, you can record HD videos.

#3: Tripod

How about enhancing all your professional photographs with a tripod? A tripod features 10-layer tubes of carbon fiber and a piece of aluminium apex, it is not only versatile and flexible but also durable as well. The legs of the tripod are easy to set up and you will also find it easy to clean. The three legs of the tripod lie at 3 different positions.

#4: Creative filters

It can be tricky indeed if a photographer wishes to balance the exposure between a dark background and a clear bright sky. Although you can create effects through Photoshop or Lightroom, you can definitely get best results if you use a conventional graduated ND or neutral density filter. You just require moving the filter up and down in order to adjust the transition from dark to bright.

MIOPS Smart is yet another essential device which can be used by professional photographers to click high-speed photographs, time-lapse videos and HDR videos. Water drop photography can also reach a new level through high-speed photography.