Party Speaker

The party speaker is an amazing deal in the market. It looks great and sounds great than many other related devices. It has a very rugged design and the construction on its part is quite heavy which definitely allows the speaker to get to the faintest of bass notes. It has an SP-388BT feature with a configuration of 2.1 and a woofer of 2×15” and 2 tweeters. This is available with 3500W of peak power at This will enable the speaker to have a dynamic sound and a very loud system that will highlight the bass note. It also has a dual channel which is a built-in Class D amplifier that utilizes the power and drivers to make the perfect sound for any sort of party whatsoever. The speaker also has a Bluetooth device that is attached to the system. The device is absolutely new for the present generation of listeners. It enables the individual to play music from a whooping distance of 30ft and more with the help of the Bluetooth device provided. Thus there is no trouble of the cables.

Speaker lights

Along with the presence of tweeter and woofer there is a automated sound activated light that helps in creating  a show of lights which is also responsive to the different varieties of music being played. This is a great way of promoting an environment for dancing and enjoying the party with the party peepers. It helps in creating the ambience perfect for the evening. Also with this there is a presence of USB port and SD card provider which helps in playing different types of music when it is placed upon them. With the insertion of the DS card and the USB port in respective places, one can automatically start off with the speaker. The songs are played automatically and can be skipped as well if they are not appropriate for the people present.

Inputs for guitar and microphone

There is also an option for inputting guitar and microphone as and when needed by the party members. The audio jack of 1/4″ helps in connecting the guitar or microphone with the Party SpeakersThere is a possibility to control a minimum of three audio source or instruments across separate channels. It is arranged and controlled by one individual only and there is no need for the entire party to worry about it.

Graphic equalizer

If any of the individual wants to try on some music and thus fine tune the quality of sound of music, the graphic equalizer will invariably allow the individual to tune the music across as many as 7-8 frequent ranges and adjust the sound as liked by the people present. There is also a way of turning off the equalizer to neutral setting and positioning it to the top most position.

What are the uses?

There are different types of uses of the Party Speakers. This speaker is perfect for any kind of outdoor parties where there is a need for loud sound system and the presence of a professional speaker will double the excitement of the party. The designs are suited for outdoor ambience and are thus less prone to any kind of accident whatsoever.