Sony DSLR Cameras

In last few years, the master of flagships, Sony has made tremendous progress with its super cool product line. From Television and home cinema to smartphones and cameras, the Japanese giant has gone sky high with its power-packed devices. Though,these mind-bogglingbeautieshave a reputation of beingexpensive than normal, there’s still some glitz about Sony that makes all of us a big fanboy of its majestic range!

Well, with that being said, let’s take a look on top 5 DSLRs that are up for grabs from the Japanese conglomerate. Since Sony’s prolificAlpha series is extremely popular with professional and novice photographers, we have featured a curated list with entry levels and high-end players. All of them are really good, and can easily cater your professional and on-the-go photography needs. Have a look at the list of best Sony DSLR cameras which are available at to know their key features and pricing!

Sony Alpha A99V- Priced at INR 1,49,990

Sony Alpha A99V, the high-end player in company’s prolific SLT range packs a 24.3-megapixel full frame Exmor image sensor and BIONZ14-bit image processor. It delivers buttery smooth images with 19 and 102-point dual Autofocus system, and incorporates company’s proprietary Translucent Mirror Technology that directs light to the AF and image sensors continuously. The new Mirror technology bundled with this devicemakes a perfect replacement for the swinging mirror of SLRs, and complements the entire photography experience withhigh-level precision and detailing. As for videography, Alpha A99Vis a dream come true for professional movie-makers. It captures sharp movies in 35mm full-frame with an impressive full-HD resolution at 50 and 60 frames per second.In a nutshell, you’ll get a complete package with all major essentials and added good looks as well.

Sony Alpha A77- Priced at INR 69,990

Yet another Alpha from Sony, the A77 is a monster of a DSLR for entry-level photographers! The superb SLTintegrates pro-grade featureswith innovative technology, and holds up a tempting price tag of just Rs. 70,000.Overall, we can say, this one isa solid performer as the 24.3-megapixel APS-C Sony Exmor sensorperforms swiftly with no shutter lags and theBIONZ XTM processor delivers high-resolution renders in all environments. Its rugged build with weather sealing and sassy dials adds further style to package, and the swivel-tilt-turn screenserves as an essential point of interest for film-makers. So, a perfect balance of performance and pricing makes Alpha A77 one of the best available options for entry-level photographers and film-makers. It’s currently available for purchase via online as well as offline channels.

Sony Alpha A68- Priced at INR 40,000

Sony Alpha A68 takes photography to a whole new level. The powerful SLT inherits a slew of pro-style features from A77 II, but the most interesting thing that Sony brags about is the new “4D Focus”. Yes, that’s right, this camera ships with 4D Focus system that endows superfluous Autofocus performance in all environments, whether in broad daylight or in a dark room.It packs a strong punch against popular mid-ranged SLRs, and captures fast moving subjects with subtle perfection.It’s 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with Translucent Mirror Technology stands out in the category, and delivers constant AF tracking up to 8 frames per second continuous shooting. So, this one boasts an ideal package with superb photography and videography capabilities!

Sony Alpha A58- Priced at INR 33,990

Designed for entry-level photographers and amateur film-makers, Sony Alpha A58 boasts an ideal package with good looks and decent innards. This camera is not as powerful as most high-end players rolling in the market, but there’s a perfect mix of all essentials including a 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS-C sensor, full-HD video capturing, and fast and decisive autofocus.On whole, we feel, this SLT stands out from the crowd and offers a fair deal, especially at the price consumer-friendly price tag of Rs. 35,000.You can carry it around comfortably, and can make the most of its long-lasting battery backup!

Apart from a compromises on the build, the only downside of this superb budget-friendly camera is the lack of 1080p video capturing at 60fps. It will give you a decent film-making experience but not at the 60 frames per second!

Sony Alpha A57- Price around INR. 50,000

Sony Alpha A57 is real winner and an ideal snapper for on-the-go photographers. It’s one of the finest SLTs from Sony that incorporatetop-notch features, and provide a decent photography experience with a 16.1MP APC-C-sized sensor, 5-axis image stabilization and buttery smooth performance. TheA57 delivers punchy colours with fine details and works perfectly with the 18-55mm kit lens. To sum up, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable DSLR in the entry-level category, this one with a range of exposure modes, versatile articulated screen, and good build quality, is a nice option to count on.

So, there goes our list of top 5 Sony DSLRs that are available in the entry-level and high-end market. All these cameras create an ideal ecosystem for seamless photography, and capture full-HD videos without snags or performance issues. Sony has always been a reliable performer in the camera department, and this list is a clear description of what the company is holding up in its arsenal. There’s more to come in next few months, but till then if you’re planning to embellish your photography or videographyskills with Sony, these are the finest options go for!

In addition to this, it also worth noting that Sony offers 2 years of warranty with each of these cameras. All of them fit in nicely with different lenses and ship with a bunch of additional accessories such as a SDHC Card, Power cord, Shoulder strap, Rechargeable Battery, Body cap, Accessory shoe cap, Eyepiece cup, and Micro USB cable. Plus, don’t’ forget to buy from Sony Authorized outlets to reap full warranty benefits from the company!