OSRS Account

Old School Runescape is a pretty exciting game. However, it’s worth noting that making a new account is usually pretty tricky. This is because one must have a lot of money in the account for one to do many things throughout the game. While some gamers usually take up the challenge of making money with vigor, most players tend to want to rake up plenty of money within a short time. If you’re one of those OSRS account owners who would like to get through these challenges relatively quickly, here are some ways you can make money early on in this game.

Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold of Security refers to a dungeon found in OSRS. Its primary purpose is to educate players on how they can safely keep their personal and OSRS account information online. To enter the stronghold, one must enter the middle of the Barbarian village that’s located west of Varrock. By going through the entire stronghold, you will earn 10000 gold coins, an excellent start to an account.

Taking Advantage of The Shops Around Varrock

There are two ways that players can purchase items in OSRS. One way is buying from specific shops dispersed throughout the world. The other way is purchasing from other players using the grand exchange. The grand exchange is a place where players can buy and sell almost any item in the game to other players. For this method, players go around the shops located in Varrock and purchase their needed items. After making the purchases, they then take them to the grand exchange where they sell them for more than they bought them for. It’s worth noting that not all of the shops in Varrock will give a profit using this method. So prior to making a purchase, you should check the items’ prices before spending a substantial amount of money on them.

Spinning Flax

Unlike the above mentioned two, the Spinning Flax is not available to all. Instead, it’s available to only the OSRS accounts that are members. The Spinning Flax is one of the most consistent methods through which one can make money early on. This method requires that players reach level ten in crafting. To achieve this level, all you’ve got to do is create the leather gear. For maximum profit, you first have to purchase flax from the grand exchange then travel to Lumbridge Castle. Lumbridge Castle has both a spinning wheel and a bank. Due to their proximity, moving back and forth is relatively easy. Flax usually goes for four gold coins at the grand exchange, and you can purchase a bowstring at one hundred and nine gold coins. These low prices enable a player to earn significant profits while also training their crafting skills.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, other ways an OSRS account owner can earn include gathering leather and selling wines from Zamorak. By following these simple methods, you’re certain of making lots of money.