Summer days are back, and beaches are in trend! Thinking of a wonderful day there already? But are you prepared enough? No, we aren’t talking about your swimsuit or water glasses, but your iPhone! Yes, your iPhone is what you should be worried about when you go to dive in the sea during a hot summer day. Special preparations are needed to keep it safe in this heated weather out on the sand. Have you done those preps?

Ø  Crucial tips to keep your iPhone safe and secure on the beach!

When you’re on the beach, all you can think of is taking off those coveralls and dancing with the waves. But what about your smartphone worth thousands? Are you going to leave it in your bag without any protection? It’s sure to give you trouble later after getting affected by the sun and sea. And that’s when you should contact JMC Computers for iPhone repair in Melbourne. They can easily repair any issue in your iPhone including the damage done due to sun and moisture with guaranteed results. But if you want to avoid this situation to occur entirely, prepare your iPhone for a beach visit. How? Read on!

o   Batteries charged beforehand, if possible — Before setting off for your joyous trip, never forget to charge your iPhone to its maximum capacity. There can be lots of issues when you try to charge it under the sun. And if your battery usage is too high, better set the phone on battery saver mode to save power for long.

o   Get a tough case for extra protection— A phone stays safe in the protection of a case. Get a tough one that fits your iPhone. This prevents the sand particles from entering the ports of your device and even protects from moisture and heat.

o   Keeping it away from sunlight— The harsh sunlight can be really harmful for your device. An iPhone gets rapidly heated under the sunlight and this often leads to lots of other issues in its battery and working speed. Be sure to wrap it in a towel or secure it in the deepest corner of your bag.

o   Even moisture protection is essential— Along with the sun, you’ve got the sea. You’d be eager to click a photo to post on Instagram. But remember, even a small small amount of water entering your device can be terrible. You can imagine the consequence if it falls in the sea or gets hit by a sudden splash. Again, securing the phone in a safe place is the key to protect it.

o   Screen guard is compulsory— The water, sand and sunlight make your screen vulnerable too. That’s why never forget securing the same with a screen guard. The device becomes safer if it has a gorilla glass screen guard over it.

o   Turn it off in extreme heat — If the heat from the sun and the sand makes the device extremely heated, better don’t use it at all. Always ensure to turn the mobile off during such a situation. You can never predict the results of an overheated battery of a smartphone.

A beach may be a good holiday place for you. But it can turn extremely dangerous for your iPhone. Be sure to protect it from such dangers by following the above listed tips.