When we hear terms like cybersecurity it is easy to think that this is something which doesn’t apply to us at home, that this is the kind of stuff which big businesses should be focusing on. Whilst those big businesses are most certainly paying attention to their cybersecurity, this is also something which we should be looking at as well. In fact all homes should be looking at making sure that their computers and devices at home are safe, with a smart cybersecurity package. We caught up with cybersecurity expert Michael Coppola, to find out more about why you should make sure that your property is locked down digitally.


We are more connected than ever before and that means that there are more entry points for a hacker to get into our system. We have seen evidence of hackers who have managed to jump onto a home network because of a smart fridge that they had, and the more stuff we have the more we are open to attack.

People Get Hacked

Many think of hackers as though they are only interested in hacking big banks or large corporations. The problem is however that not only is that a harder hack, it will put a huge target on their back. A far easier approach would be to tap into 10 or 20 homes, steal some personal information and then make a living that way, no place squad is going to dedicate large amounts of resources on such a hacker, and in most cases people won’t even realize what has happened.

Information Stored

People have to remember the sheer volume of personal data which we have stored on our computers, our phones and our tablets. How many times have you punched in card details online or your social security number?What about online banking or the passwords which you have stored on your computer for easy access. All of these will be available to anyone on the network and this is yet again why you should ensure that you have cybersecurity at home. Just imagine what someone could do with all of that information which you have stored,

Low Cost

Getting hacked is a big deal and it is a real hassle to resolve, you have to cancel your cards, change information and passwords, and then get cybersecurity to prevent it from happening again. The fact is that cybersecurity costs for the home are really not very high and given that it can provide you with so much protection for your devices at home, it will always be a cost which is worthwhile.

We all like to think that we are not going to be the target or that nobody cares about our home computers, but the reality is that this does happen, more than you would think in fact. Make sure that you take the advice of the experts and invest cybersecurity for your home network.