A true music lover will never listen to music on a smartphone or tablet. An mp3 player might have lost its charm due to the advent of smartphones that took personalization and sophistication to a whole new level. But still, if you happen to pop on a headphone connected to an iPod, you can feel the real raw beat of a recorded song.

As technology has fast evolved, mp3 players have adapted to the change by becoming compact and by packing in added features. Here is a look at the 5 best portable audio devices that you can buy for yourself in India.

  1. Philips Gogear Mix

This tiny device has a 4GB internal capacity that allows for a massive input of songs. You can now take your music and play it on the go with this compact device. The file transfer is easy with the device and you require no cables whatsoever.

There is an assured 10 hours of playback time and an LCD display on it. You can also play FM radio and do voice recording on this tiny device. It comes with a 1 year Philips warranty and can be purchased on any online shopping store.

  1. Transcend MP300

Assuring a playback of 15 hours of audio, the player comes with 8GB of internal storage. You can charge the device using an USB. The slim and sporty body of the device makes it a pleasure to hold in hands. It is also lightweight and comes with a clip to hold on to ones’ clothing.

File transfer is easy and the lithium polymer battery assures more. The device is compatible with all version of Microsoft Windows – including the latest Windows 10. Available on snapdeal, you must use snapdeal coupons if you are trying to buy one for yourself. This will save you some money in the form of discounts.

  1. Sony NWZ B183F

With a memory capacity of 4GB, this Sony mp3 player has 22 hours of playback time and 4GB of internal memory. The device has a built-in FM radio and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You have a button to boost the bass of your songs which can increase the music quality and add thump to it.

Transferring files is easy and the device can be charged for 3 minutes to last an entire 90 minutes. It can be connected to the PC easily and facilitates hassle-free transfers too.

  1. Zebronics Node

This ultra-cheap device is the best you can get under a price tag of Rs 500. The device is very light and fits into your smallest jeans pocket with ease. There are physical buttons for volume control, play, pause and forward. The 3 to 4 hour battery backup on the device is more than enough for its price range.

The device also comes with clipping so that you can clip it to your shirt. You can use flipkart coupons from CashKaro.com and buy the device for a much cheaper price. This will give you discounts and cashback.

  1. Zebronics Stem

Another mp3 device with a cheap price tag, Zebronics Stem has a playback time of 8 hours. You can use a memory card and ramp up the memory of the device to 16GB. This will help you store more songs. The device supports both mp3 and wma file formats.

The device can also be used as a card reader and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Your purchase of this audio player comes with a 1 year warranty.