Whatsapp is a mobile messaging application which allows the user to exchange messages without any price charged for SMS and it is available for Android, I phone, Windows phone, Nokia and Blackberry. The user can message easily with the help of Whatsapp as it is a cross platform messaging application for mobile phone. There is no additional cost for messaging as the user can use the same internet data plan that he is using web browsing and for accessing the emails. Many individuals and parents can investigate about the truth of their children partners by spying on the Whatsapp messages.

There are many Whatsapp spy applications that are available such as truth spy, m spy, Whatsapp spy, hack Whatsapp messages, spy Whatsapp messages, mobile spy and spy bubble. The whole Whatsapp chat and conversations can be easily viewed with the help of Whatsapp spy applications. The number and the names of people with whom the person is chatting with can be easily found out. After the chat has taken place the date and time of chat can easily be seen with the help of spy app. The videos, photos and the audio files sent through Whatsapp can easily be accessed on the target mobile phone.

The spy apps control panel will upload all the details of Whatsapp chat and conversations and the user can easily access that details with the help of an internet connection from anywhere by simply log in the portal.

There are various other advantages of Whatsapp spy application that are mentioned below:

  1. The spy app is very useful in getting the call details as if you have allowed the employees to have conversation with each other then you can easily check out that the employees do not talk unnecessarily and wasting time.
  2. The spy app will show the details regarding the phone calls and even record the call.
  3. The list of contacts details will give you an insight that with whom they are talking and what they are doing.
  4. All the messages can be easily tracked on any target mobile phone and even the sending time of messages can be seen with the help of spy app.
  5. The Inbox and Outbox messages can be seen for tracking the messages sent by their children. It should be kept in mind that your children don’t have any information regarding your spying activity.
  6. Remotely you can easily control the target mobile phone from a different place.
  7. The location of the employees that where he is at present can be seen with the spy app.
  8. There will be a message regarding notification for SIM change in the phone.
  9. The spy app will show all the history of activities done on internet.
  10. The target mobile phone notes contents can also be seen easily.
  11. There is no information regarding the installation of the spy app and is undetectable.
  12. The multimedia files can be recorded with the help of spy app.
  13. The hidden and secret photos and messages can be tracked that are there in the target phone.