Old Laptops

The nature of consumer electronics is such that new devices get churned out all the time. As a result, some older electronic devices – models which may in fact be more than a few years old – can quickly appear somewhat tired and outdated.

However, it is fair to say that some consumers like to hold on to electronic products they have a soft spot for, regardless of whether they are perceived to be outdated or not. Indeed, some older devices and accessories – especially those which are acknowledged as being innovative or unique in design – have a certain amount of romance associated with them which exudes a ‘pull’ on their owners. Some people like to think of this as nostalgia while others attribute it to sentimentality; whatever it is though, it can be quite powerful.

This phenomenon is easy to observe as it is likely to come up in any conversation where people are talking about the first electronic devices (especially computers) they ever owned. The way that individuals wax lyrically about these anachronistic devices is very revealing; to be sure, an outside observer could be forgiven for thinking a ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 or Atari ST was the greatest computer ever made if what they heard was to be believed!

This is not say that these early machines were rubbish – they weren’t; they were great! It is just an example to highlight the degree to which people can become nostalgic and/or sentimental about devices that are clearly past their prime.

Some devices can exert a psychological pull on owners which is so strong they will not even entertain the idea of parting company with it. In their world, it doesn’t matter if their once cutting-edge device doesn’t operate modern software very well (or at all) or doesn’t have the capabilities to make it relevant; it will still stay in its safe hiding place – just as it has for years – in the loft, on top of the wardrobe or at the back of a cupboard.

The thing is, individuals who insist on keeping old computers – especially laptops – for sentimental reasons may actually find they are doing themselves a financial disservice.

This is because it’s now possible to trade in laptop devices and get a decent amount of money in return for them. To be sure, there are lots of firms operating online now that are striving to keep unwanted laptops from ending up in landfill sites as the toxic components inside them can harm the environment. some of these firms even arrange free courier services to ensure the laptops trade in process is as swift and convenient as it can possibly be.

This means that, rather than having a dormant, redundant laptop gathering dust in the attic, a person can instead make use of a new device by putting the money they get from their laptop trade in deal toward the purchase of a more contemporary model.